Suraj Rana Magar, a member of the Armed Police Force, has become the champion in the men’s category of the 18th National Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship held at the Gokarneshwar Municipality’s Martyrs Memorial Park. Suraj completed the designated distance of 20 kilometers in 1 hour, 16 minutes, and 44 seconds to claim the championship title.

Similarly, Nepali Army’s Himal Tamata secured the second position by completing the same distance in 1 hour, 20 minutes, and 27 seconds. Likewise, Kumar Tamang from Nuwakot obtained the third position, finishing the designated distance in 1 hour, 21 minutes, and 9 seconds.

In the women’s elite category, Usha Khanal from Gorkha secured the first position, followed by Humi Buda Magar from Pyuthan in the second position and Indra Kala Nembang from Sunsari in the third position. Similarly, in the junior category, Nima Sherpa from Udayapur claimed the first position, Sanjay Rai secured the second position, and Ashwin Khatri obtained the third position.

In the Men’s Master category, Harka Lama from Sindhupalchowk secured the first position, while Khub Bahadur Mathar obtained the second position, and Vinod Dhakal secured the third position. The distance for the Men’s Elite category was set at 20 kilometers, and for Women’s Elite, Master, and Junior categories, it was set at 16 kilometers.

In the National Mountain Bike Downhill competition, Rajesh Magar secured the first position in the men’s category, followed by Nirav Shrestha in the second position, and Prachit Thapa Magar in the third position. Rajesh completed the designated distance in 2 minutes and 57 seconds. Usha Khanal became the champion in the women’s category, achieving success in both Cross Country and Downhill disciplines in the National Mountain Bike competition for the first time in Nepal.

The inauguration of the competition was done by the Mayor of Gokarneshwar Municipality, Deepak Rijal, and the distribution of certificates and medals to the winning athletes was carried out by the Secretary General of the National Sports Council, Tankalal Ghising.

The program was attended by Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati, the President of the Nepal Cycling Association, Vice President Sudip Poudel, Sangharsha Bista, General Secretary Ranjan Rajbhandari, Secretary Devendra Basnyat, and members Rajendra Man Shrestha and Krishna Gopal Shrestha.